Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 181

Boots and Balls
I love finding things for super cheap that I wanted anyways!!!! Today I got you some Boots and some balls. I have wanted to get you these boots for some time, but just could not justify the $37.95 they charge for them in the stores...but I could totally pay $5 for them and that is what I did. I got you these cream ones and a brown pair a couple sizes bigger each for 5 buckaroos. Now on to the balls. You have been coveting the balls you used at Roots of Empath at Windsor Park School so I was super excited when I found you these ones...they are not exactly the same, but they are balls that makes noise and have things that move inside them, so far you are quite enjoying them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180


Well Adeline you got a shiner (I actually think this is your second). You were cruising around the chairs a bit and fell over and smashed your face right on the edge of the wood chair leg. Daddy and I were wondering why you were soooo upset and crying even after we showed you some pictures of babies. Then we saw the redness around your eye...we are more than a little curious to see what it looks like tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179

Using a Spoon
Today Daddy was teaching you to use a spoon just like a big girl!! And you were doing pretty good too! He was giving you pieces of banana and some cheerios on your spoon and you would use it to shovel the pieces into your hungry mouth.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178

It's Been One of These Kind of Day
You have the worst diaper rash I have even seen today!!!! It is read and blistering all over your bum and you cry when just sitting. Not to mention the screaming that happens when I change your diaper. You have been sad allllll day and it makes me sad too. Hopefully you are feeling better tomorrow.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177

Our Little Trucker
The trucker hat is really the only hat that you will leave on your head and that you actually seem to like wearing. And you look so darn cute in it too...Daddy is jealous, as you and I both look good in hats and he sadly doesn't.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176

From a Cup
Today I was teaching you how to use a real cup and you absolutely loved it!!!!! You MUCH prefer the straight up cup to the sippy cup. We did end up with a bit of liquid on the floor and one time you were quite sad because you spilled some into your lap, but all and all the cup was a success.

Day 175

Fun Day
Today was the Track & Fun Day at Windsor Park School so this afternoon we popped in to visit the kids. You had a great time seeing all the kids trying their best at all the events. At times though it did get a little overwhelming for you. At one point the kids were cheering pretty excitedly and it scared you a bit, but nothing that some hugs from Mama can't cure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 174

Watching While They Work
You love to watch people work! At the grocery store you are entranced by the cashier, when checking books out at the Library you strain to see what the lady is doing behind the counter and today you were memorized by the men and women paving the new road in front of our house. For the past several days they have been paving the roads beside out house and you have listened attentively hoping to get a glimpse of what is going on. We have gone out a periodically watched the dump trucks unloading the ash-fault and talked to the men in their hard hats, but today you got to sit on the back of the couch watching the workers build the road all while telling Mommy and Daddy what what happening. You are becoming quite the little talker (to be honest, you have pretty much always been quite the talker...but you do come by it honestly).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 173

Adeline Loves Babies
Adeline, you love babies, especially you! Today we were out enjoying a sunny summer day at a park near out found your photo album and were kissing the baby in the mirror on the front was sooooo adorable!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 172

In the Van
I needed a little help when putting away your stroller I just plopped you in the bins in the back of the van that I use to put the groceries in. You found it quite enjoyable! And I even got the stroller folded and put away I like I needed to without needing to put you on the VERY dirty garage floor.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 171

Crawling...will it happen?
Adeline, you are a bit of a reluctant crawler. You had been getting up on your knees for weeks...and now, nothing. I am not really sure what to think about that. We have been doing some practicing though...I will prop you up on your knees, you will move your hands and I will move your knees and that seems to help you get the general movements much so that today I propped you up and you moved you hands and knees (not very far, but you are getting the idea). As you can see from the picture above, I was just not quick enough on the draw to actually get a shot of you in the crawling position...but you are on you tummy, so that has to count for something, because as soon as you drop off you knees and onto your hands and tummy you scream bloody murder for someone to change your positon. We are hoping that crawling is happens some time before your first birthday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 170

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing husband and father! Thank you for giving me an amazing and beautiful daughter! You fill our home with laughter, fun, a diligent spirit and delicious home cooked meals! We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Happy Daddy's Day to you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169

All you have to say is the word "Tongue" now and you shoot that thing out of your mouth! At first it would take come coursing, but now you seem to do it on demand...kind of you are a dog that I have taught a new trick ;) Throughout the day I will say to you, "Adeline, where's your tongue?" and You will stick it out and sometimes even touch it now. Even as I read "I Love You Through and Through" to you before your naps and it talks about loving all these different things and I add in there now tongue and again it pops out! I love it!!!!! Keep up the Great Work Adeline!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168

Nightly Walks
On most nights you, Daddy and I have been taking nightly walks. Often we go to Ada Blvd, but today we decided to go to Rundle Park. Summers are amazing down at Rundle Park. It is so treed in and secluded from the rest of the totally don't realize you are still in the city. There are many (and when I say many, I mean many!!!) Canada Geese who make the lakes there their homes. They waddle and swim around leading their chicks, it is the most precious thing and you love to just watch them and at times even they get rather close!

Today we took a path that at times was very treed in and very beautiful, as you may see from the second picture (I know it's not you, I just had to included it)! It looked like a beautiful spring snowfall (I cringe at the fact that I was thinking about snow fondly as it was such a long and hard winter this year!). But it was a rather amazing sight to come around the bend and see all the dandelion fluff stuck to the grass and floating in the air.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167

Cafe O'Play
One of your favourite things to do is go to Cafe O'Play and just watch other kids plaiying...and every so often you get into the action too. Your bright smile helps you to always make many friends when you are there. Today you met a little boy (about 4 years old) and all he wanted to do is pick you up. You were laying on your tummy and he came up behind you and tried to pick you up by your neck...the thought was nice, but you didn't like it too much. Good thing Mommy was there to save you. They have a little train set at the cafe and you love to stand at it and play with the trains and of course watch the other kids. Also today you could not stop laughing at this little boy (about 2 years old). He was making the trains go up this little hill...then when he would let them roll down the other side you would just laugh and laugh and laugh. It scared him a bit, but all the other Mommies (me included) thought you were adorable!

Did you happen to check out the rockin duds Daddy dressed you in today. You have a Ramones shirt on with you Chuck Taylors and a very cute. A photographer said you were defiantly photo shoot worthy today...and then you flashed her one of your signature Adeline smiles and she was practically begging me to let her do a shoot with you. But I think I got that covered ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166

For Christmas you got your first pair of Chuck Taylors and they finally fit!! You LOVE them...well at least you love the laces! All you wanted to do was lay on your back with your feet in the air playing with you new shoes and you kept untying them...that is until I double knotted them.

Close up of your new shoes...I love them. And now you are just like Mommy. Maybe tomorrow we will have to both wear out Chucks and get Daddy to take a pic!

Just look how happy you were...this is a pic of your face while wearing your awesome shoes! I love how disheveled you look in this picture...your hair is a mess (you just woke up from a lovely nap)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165

By far your favourite snack right now is Cheese!!! You eat sticks and sticks of it each and every day. Today at lunch I offered you some apple crisp baby food and you would have none of it...all you wanted was cheese and then more cheese and then a cookie. Then for dinner you had some apple crisp but wanted to finish up with another 2 sticks of cheese. It's nice because you can finally feed yourself and take Adeline sized bites of it, rather than the HUGE bites you used to take and choke on it.

Here you are enjoying some cheese in the car today. You were really enjoying eating cheese and watching yourself in the mirror. You would take a bite of cheese and then laugh and laugh at yourself, it was just hilarious to watch. Daddy and I just stood outside the car (where you could not see us) and watched you do this for at least a full five minutes. Just another reason we love you so much! I love how you are clutching a stick of cheese in one hand and the wrapper in the other in the first precious!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164

Silly Baby
One of you new favourite things to do is stand up in your crib. I have to actually pull you up into the standing position, but once you are there there is just no stopping you! Often when you wake up from a nap you are a bit sad...but as soon as I stand you up you are smiling, laughing and jumping up and down with happiness. This picture almost made me pee my pants with laughter this evening...I love how silly you look.

Silly story...after Daddy got you all ready for bed this evening and I came in to say good night to you, I was trying to get a kiss from you and you wanted NOTHING to do with it! Then all of a sudden you turned your mouth towards me and opened up for a big one, so I puckered up and got a huge belch right in the face! It was Classic! I didn't want to rile you up right before bed, but I could not control the laughter...thank goodness you still went to sleep rather quickly.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163

More Friends
Mommy's friend Becky came for a visit today and showered you with tones of Love! You always love seeing Becky she loves to hold and play with you...I think she likes you better than she likes me now ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 162

Basement Fun
Now that the basement is all (well mostly) finished Adeline, you have another fun place to play! Today you were having a blast taking out all the toys with faces and talking to them. I love that you are so friendly! Daddy and I were watching you from afar and I did not want to interrupt your play session with the "babies" so I took this shot without you knowing. You can see how Chloe also loves how friendly you are. Today she just wanted to lay with you as you played with all the toys.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161

Last night I hung a picture ledge and filled it with many pictures. First thing this morning Adeline, you and I were walking from the kitchen to the living room and you right away noticed all the photos up on the wall. I though you were going to literally jump out of my arms so you could get closer to the babies you could see on the wall. So I chose pictures of 4 babies (2 of you one of me and one of Daddy) and you were quite entertained by talking to, picking up and eventually puking on these four babies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160

Adeline, there is only one thing you love as much as you love other babies, and that's animals! You and Chloe are best pals and you love opening your mouth to let her lick the inside of your mouth. But your relationship with Kitty is much more complicated. The two of you often watch one another. He will perch on the couch, just out of your reach, and contemplate coming to see you. When he does come and sit next to you, he is often startled off by the sound of your excitement...but not today. Today we got home from out evening walk and Daddy plopped you down on the floor beside Kitty and he stuck around for a bit. You were very careful; at first you didn't make any noise or touch him, you just slowly lifted your hand wanting to touch him, but not wanting him to scamper away. Finally you lowered your hand onto his head and gave him a nice soft pet. You like it, and he must have as well, because Kitty did not take off like he usually does. After you were able to touch him you got a little excited and started moving much faster and more abrupt and excitedly grabbed Kitty's ears (like you often do to Chloe, who is much more easy going than Kitty) and bang he was off the the bullet of a gun. Although Kitty does not give you as much attention as Chloe, your love and curiosity for him never waivers. One day, when you can finally chase after him you will finally get what you want from Kitty...but I'm pretty sure he is not going to be impressed when that day comes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159

See Adeline, Mommy's not the only one to do silly things to you. You can thank your Dad for this one ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158

Adeline I love how you are just such a good sport. Today you had a (yes as in one) cheerio stuck to your face...with snot. Then I thought it would be funny to see how many cheerios I could make stick to your face before you got really upset. Just to let you know the ones that are not sticking to your face with snot I did the whole lick and stick trick to ;) I could not stop laughing therefore needed to stop at 6. Honestly, I am really proud of myself for taking such a great picture while my body was shaking with laughter. I had to wipe tears from my eyes when the laughter finally stopped. I just could not help myself...look how c-u-t-e cute you are!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157

There seems to be only one baby in the world who can handle your need to talk and touch other babies...and that's Jack. He is even more demanding with physical contact from other babies than you are. After swimming lessons today we went to Jack's house for some lunch and play time. When Jack finally woke up from his nap you would not stop talking his ear off. Then when he was finally over his groggy, I just woke up stage Jack would not stop trying to hug and kiss you. Fortunately you are a HUGE fan of other babies and will let them do pretty much anything to you as long as you can be near them. Here are a few picture Bethany snapped today from your encounter together:

Kisses From Jack.

I think you like Jack's Kisses!

Here is Jack sharing a good book with you. You were very insistant that Jack to tell the story, but you had to be the one to turn the pages...just like when you read with Mommy and Daddy.

Jack was standing up, so you wanted to try it out too...until Jack wanted to give you a hug and thus tackled you to the ground. He is such a kind and loving friend ;)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156

Adeline, today we went to a trade fair. I had you facing me in the carrier and you spent the whole time EVERYTHING. You were just so happy to be out and about and surrounded by people. You were very intrigued by the reptile booth and especially by the snakes. When we first walked up the the booth the man working the booth had a snake around his neck and you were so enticed by it that you reached right out and grabbed it...but then you were a little taken aback by how it felt that you pretty much kept your hands to yourself the rest of the time were checking out the reptiles. That did not stop you from giving them intense stares though ;)

I feed myself, mom!
So now do you not only want to feed yourself you bottle, but you also want to be in total control of your food too. When I used to give you these pouches of food to try and feed them to yourself you would just squeeze them so hard that the food would squirt out and get all over the place, but today when we tried again you were in complete control. You would take the pouch in your hand, then put your finger in the hole where the food comes out (I think to make sure there was still food in there), then finally you would put the hole to you lips and suck out all the food you could get in one long draw. You were quite pleased with yourself after learning how to eat like a big ate the whole pouch all by yourself. - P.S. make sure you take note of you hair in the picture...we are trying out a new style!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 155

As you may know Daddy and I LOVE Starbucks! Daddy works there and you and I visit there about once a week just to get a coffee and hang out, just us two girls. Well today we went just as Daddy was getting the whole family got a yummy beverage, had a snack and just hung out together. You and Daddy shared a greens drink blended with ice (I thought that was really yucky, but you just loved it!) and I had my usual latte.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154

Today you got some mail! It was what was supposed to be an anklet from Uncle Timmy...but apparently your ankles are a lot bigger than your uncle's estimation! But fortunately it fits perfectly as a bracelet! For the first 10 minutes all you wanted to do is play with it, try and rip it off and even try to eat it (no surprise there), but after that you didn't even notice it was there. It is abou the cutest baby bracelet that I ever did see! You are so happy every time you look at it, because it makes you think of your Uncle Timmy who you love very much!

Pow Wow
You went to your very frist Pow Wow this afternoon...and I do have to say you were a BIG fan! You absolutely loved it! You could not stop gyrating while sitting in my lap. You kept waving your arms and you had a beautiful, permanent smile pasted on your face. The drums were very LOUD (probably the loudest thing you have heard in your 10 months of life), but that didn't bother you. You loved watching the men and women dance and only stopped staring at their beautiful traditional regalia to look back to make sure I was watching too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153

You are not yet able to independently stand (or even pull yourself up), but you sure enjoy doing it when holding on to Mommy or Daddy or the couch or a laundry basket or the table or the side of your crib (pictured above) or even Chloe. One of your favourite things to do lately is kiss all the bugs on your mobile. And now that you can stand and hold onto your crib with one hand you are able to grab and kiss the bugs with the other. Each and every time we go into your room you stare longingly at the mobile, hoping that you will be able to kiss the bugs again...and most times I let you, because it's just so darn cute ;)

Today you came outside with Daddy and I to play while we got some much needed yard work done. I plopped you in the middle of a blanket, next to a tree, with a bucket of toys within reach and what do you do...get onto you knees and stretch as far as you can so you can reach a pinecone. You were quite fond of how it felt as you fingered it in each hand and then in both together, but you were not a fan of how it felt in your mouth nor the way it tasted on your tongue. But Daddy and I are very proud of how you are so adventurous and willing to try new things!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152

And We Have Lift-Off
Wowzers Adeline! You have become so good at getting up onto your knees in such a short period of time. It fees like just the day before yesterday when you couldn't even get up onto your knees without pushing against something...oh wait that was just the day before yesterday. And today you were pushing up and you even walked you hands forward a bit (now your arms just need to coordinate with your legs). Everyone kept saying that you might not crawl, but I just kept telling them that you WOULD and I can see now that you will!

Also you were rolling up a storm today...really using rolling as a way to negotiate the obstacles of your toys. You were so excited when you made it all the way across the room right to your Mama, you could not stop laughing. Daddy calls you roly-poly-guacamole! Go Adeline Go! Keep up all the great work (we know you will not let us down ;)