Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157

There seems to be only one baby in the world who can handle your need to talk and touch other babies...and that's Jack. He is even more demanding with physical contact from other babies than you are. After swimming lessons today we went to Jack's house for some lunch and play time. When Jack finally woke up from his nap you would not stop talking his ear off. Then when he was finally over his groggy, I just woke up stage Jack would not stop trying to hug and kiss you. Fortunately you are a HUGE fan of other babies and will let them do pretty much anything to you as long as you can be near them. Here are a few picture Bethany snapped today from your encounter together:

Kisses From Jack.

I think you like Jack's Kisses!

Here is Jack sharing a good book with you. You were very insistant that Jack to tell the story, but you had to be the one to turn the pages...just like when you read with Mommy and Daddy.

Jack was standing up, so you wanted to try it out too...until Jack wanted to give you a hug and thus tackled you to the ground. He is such a kind and loving friend ;)

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