Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167

Cafe O'Play
One of your favourite things to do is go to Cafe O'Play and just watch other kids plaiying...and every so often you get into the action too. Your bright smile helps you to always make many friends when you are there. Today you met a little boy (about 4 years old) and all he wanted to do is pick you up. You were laying on your tummy and he came up behind you and tried to pick you up by your neck...the thought was nice, but you didn't like it too much. Good thing Mommy was there to save you. They have a little train set at the cafe and you love to stand at it and play with the trains and of course watch the other kids. Also today you could not stop laughing at this little boy (about 2 years old). He was making the trains go up this little hill...then when he would let them roll down the other side you would just laugh and laugh and laugh. It scared him a bit, but all the other Mommies (me included) thought you were adorable!

Did you happen to check out the rockin duds Daddy dressed you in today. You have a Ramones shirt on with you Chuck Taylors and a very cute. A photographer said you were defiantly photo shoot worthy today...and then you flashed her one of your signature Adeline smiles and she was practically begging me to let her do a shoot with you. But I think I got that covered ;)

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