Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165

By far your favourite snack right now is Cheese!!! You eat sticks and sticks of it each and every day. Today at lunch I offered you some apple crisp baby food and you would have none of it...all you wanted was cheese and then more cheese and then a cookie. Then for dinner you had some apple crisp but wanted to finish up with another 2 sticks of cheese. It's nice because you can finally feed yourself and take Adeline sized bites of it, rather than the HUGE bites you used to take and choke on it.

Here you are enjoying some cheese in the car today. You were really enjoying eating cheese and watching yourself in the mirror. You would take a bite of cheese and then laugh and laugh at yourself, it was just hilarious to watch. Daddy and I just stood outside the car (where you could not see us) and watched you do this for at least a full five minutes. Just another reason we love you so much! I love how you are clutching a stick of cheese in one hand and the wrapper in the other in the first picture...so precious!

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