Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154

Today you got some mail! It was what was supposed to be an anklet from Uncle Timmy...but apparently your ankles are a lot bigger than your uncle's estimation! But fortunately it fits perfectly as a bracelet! For the first 10 minutes all you wanted to do is play with it, try and rip it off and even try to eat it (no surprise there), but after that you didn't even notice it was there. It is abou the cutest baby bracelet that I ever did see! You are so happy every time you look at it, because it makes you think of your Uncle Timmy who you love very much!

Pow Wow
You went to your very frist Pow Wow this afternoon...and I do have to say you were a BIG fan! You absolutely loved it! You could not stop gyrating while sitting in my lap. You kept waving your arms and you had a beautiful, permanent smile pasted on your face. The drums were very LOUD (probably the loudest thing you have heard in your 10 months of life), but that didn't bother you. You loved watching the men and women dance and only stopped staring at their beautiful traditional regalia to look back to make sure I was watching too.

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