Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168

Nightly Walks
On most nights you, Daddy and I have been taking nightly walks. Often we go to Ada Blvd, but today we decided to go to Rundle Park. Summers are amazing down at Rundle Park. It is so treed in and secluded from the rest of the totally don't realize you are still in the city. There are many (and when I say many, I mean many!!!) Canada Geese who make the lakes there their homes. They waddle and swim around leading their chicks, it is the most precious thing and you love to just watch them and at times even they get rather close!

Today we took a path that at times was very treed in and very beautiful, as you may see from the second picture (I know it's not you, I just had to included it)! It looked like a beautiful spring snowfall (I cringe at the fact that I was thinking about snow fondly as it was such a long and hard winter this year!). But it was a rather amazing sight to come around the bend and see all the dandelion fluff stuck to the grass and floating in the air.

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