Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90

Keeping Fit and Having Fun
Adeline and I did a great Strollercise class today. She noticed that I was having so much fun exercising that she wanted to join in and do her exercises as well. First I put her on her belly and right away she rolled onto her back (something that she has not done in quite a while). Then she was playing around on her back and started to roll onto her you can see she was pretty darn close to getting it done, but I had no toys handy and I was a little busy getting my ab workout on to give her some motivation to go the rest of the I just gave her a little shove ;) She seems to like the soft blue mats at the rec centre, because every time I pull an extra out for her she does some baby exercises...maybe I need one of those at home, and then just maybe Adeline will finally get on rolling over already.
*Sorry about the horrible pictures, all I had handy was my phone today and apparently I didn't have the steadiest hand with that today.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

Spring Walk
The whole family went out for a spring time stroll this evening and even got caught in our first spring shower. Typical Edmonton spring, it was hot (well hot for us) and sunny on minute and freezing and raining (surprising it wasn't snowing) the next. Good thing we only went around the block! Adeline got pretty cold, but was fascinated with the rain; she kept looking at the drops of rain splashing in the puddles.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88


Silly Faces

I could not help sharing these silly faces today. I put Adeline into a little bouncy chair today and as long as I was vigorously bouncing it she was a-ok, but as soon as I stopped she was a little distraught. I am sure she was thinking to herself…why does my mom insist on putting me in these things that I am clearly too big for? BECAUSE IT”S FUN! That’s why Adeline!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87

Big Girl
After taking this picture today, I realized that Adeline is growing up and she is becoming a big girl before our very eyes. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at this picture and no longer saw a little baby anymore, but something that looked more like a toddler. Not that she is in the toddling stage by any means yet, but today, for some reason, she just looked a little but more mature to me. Today she even sat up in the bath like a big girl for the very first time...she liked it, but what she loved is when I laid her down in the big tub (not the little baby tub that she has been waaaay too big for for weeks, but we have kept put in her to save on water) where she could kick and kick and kick until she didn't want to kick no more! Her little motor legs were just a goin. I'm sure it was nice for her to be able to move freely without being impeded by the edges of that teeny tiny little tub.

I showed Adeline the heating vent in her room today. She was quite pleased with it. we got a whole extra tummy time in today just sitting there feeling the warm air push through the vent. She would feel it with her hands and then move her face real close and feel it with her face and then her hands and then her was nice because mama also got a break from Cranky Adeline during this time as well ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86

My Two Sick Babies
Adeline and Daddy both got the flu last night and it of course carried over into today as well. They were (especially Adeline) a little more sensitive than usual today. But it was nice because Daddy and Baby A got some quality snuggling time!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85

I know, I know I have been writing a lot about Adeline's clapping a lot lately...but today all she wanted to do is clap and she was even making a little noise when doing it too. In the above picture I wanted to get a shot of Adeline playing with her new toy. Well, every time I gave her said toy she would pick it up, fling it behind her and start clapping. She is pretty darn impressed with herself and this clapping business!

Adeline and the Clapping Noises

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84

Clapping Cups
I have been looking and looking for something that Adeline can hold in her abnormally small baby hands and clap together (as she is not able to make noise when clapping just her hands together yet). Well apparently I needed to look no farther than my kitchen cupboard because plastic cups are the answer! She LOVES the cups; they are colourful, they are stackable (and more importantly knock downable), there are enough of them that Mommy can play too ;) and the very best thing of all...they are clapable. This toy is brought to you by IKEA and cost all of 2 buckaroos for all 6. Fun and cheap, I love it too!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83

Snot Bubbles
Finally I captured some! Adeline does not appear to be sick other than the thick yellow snot that continually drips from her nose and sudden onset irritability I have been experiencing. But I found the greatest nasal aspirator the other day (well for 20 bucks it better be amazing) so it has been helping her (and me) get more sleep...except last night when she was up every 2-3 hours. So about the nasal aspirator, you put the one end in her nostril and on the other end there is a hose that goes to a mouth piece where I can literally suck the snot out of her nose (son't worry it doesn't go into my mouth or anything). It really is the best...I did not realize that such a little thing could produce so may boogers and that there was a way to actually get those boogers out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Babywearing - the practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier.

At first Adeline was not a fan of being "worn." She was just not fond of being strapped to my body while being a passive bystander in life. When she was little at times I was able to wear her around the mall and such, but she never did last very long, it could very well be because I was not yet comfortable with the idea of having someone strapped to by body, jostling with my every move and squirming as I tried to stop and do some window shopping. Well...Adeline has in fact turned a new leaf and I am so happy about that because it is not fun caring around a 20lb baby in a 10lb car seat with just one arm. So whenever possible, and when I going somewhere for more than 5 seconds, I pull her out of the car seat, leaving it in the car, and sling her around my body with a piece of sturdy fabric. And then voila I am hands free to do what I want and all her weight is being distributed on my back, shoulders and legs, rather than just on one arm. She even seems content to just be with me now.

I sure hope she continues to like being worn even after she begins to move about and gain more control of her own body. With my next baby I am all set to begin babywearing on day's hoping that helps them like it more ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

Adeline's nose is all plugged up much so she would forgo her milk in exchange for an easier to eat (while breathing) solid food meal. I could not help myself and had to take a picture of her snotty face from early this morning. (P.S. some of the stuff on her face is snot and some of it food). And I am sad that I still did not get a snot bubble picture...she had a real doozie today 8)

Gigantic Cookie
I thought she looked so cute eating this large (for her) cookie, but I needed to take the picture quick, as she is not much of a fan of these...she much prefers crackers and cheese! Which is fine by me as they are much less messy than this mushy (when mixed with saliva) cookie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80

Goodbye (for now)
Today Adeline and I joined Grandma Shelly in taking Uncle Timmy to the airport. It was fun to see him one last time before his departure of this cold, snowy town, but also sad to see him go.
I know you are all thinking it, so I'm gonna ask...Uncle Timmy, just wondering is your shirt on inside-out?

Say Cheese
When eating dinner this evening (at Wendy's) Adeline produced a HUGE snot bubble out of her nose and I really wanted to get it on camera so I pulled out the ol' digicam and tried to document the bugger. Well, when I realized it was going to show up again I said to Adeline, "Say Cheese" so she put her arms out to both sides and gave me a silly little smile.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79

Uncle Timmy Time
Uncle Timmy leaves to go back home tomorrow, so he and Adeline got some quality time together today. He came over for some lunch, played with Adeline, changed a diaper and even fed Adeline a bottle of milk (I think they had a good time).

Here is a first hand look at Adeline's hand clapping.
She is becoming more fluent, though still does not make any noise when doing it. I heep reassuring her that one day she will be able to make noise, just like mommy, she just needs to keep practicing, and like a good little student she does. She will almost do it on command clap and then she claps, you clap and she will do the same again.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78

Cafe O'Play
Today Adeline and I met some of the ladies and babies at Cafe O'Play. This is a local coffee shop where parents are invited to "Sit, Sip and Watch Them Play!" And this is exactly what we did. Although Adeline, Jack and Lauren are not really old enough to appreciate all that surrounded them at Cafe O'Play, Kiran, Maddie and Kyra took advantage of all they had to offer. Adeline mostly played in the highchair with Lauren and Jack, beside her. They shared toys (and Mommy's necklace) quite nicely while the mommies were able to enjoy a hot beverage and catch up as many of us had not seen each other in a while.

As well, today Adeline had her first taste of ham...Do you think she likes it?
There was also some mustard on ham (that is the mustard reaction you see at the end of the video)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77

Da Splits
All day long this was Adeline's favourite thing to do. She would stretch her legs as far out as she could (she went further than the photo shoes) and then she would bring them back together again; all while holding on to her toes.

Clapping Hands
Today Adeline clapped for the first time I was shocked!!!! (sorry I did not get a picture of this one) She had never before showed any interest in clapping and then today she was watching me, then I showed her how to do it and then all of a sudden she did it all on her own. She was so proud of herself!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 76

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Adeline has this sun shaped mirror and lately it has become one of her favourite toys. She will take it in her hands look into it then move it really close to her face and talk to the baby she sees in the is tooooo cute. When she talks to the baby she has this really sweet voice (different from her every day voice) I think she really loves that baby!

Snaggle Tooth
That is what I have been calling Adeline since these top two teeth have been coming it looks like they are coming in crooked because of the shape of her gums. For a while all I could see was just the corner of her tooth and it was a super sharp point. Well I finally got a picture of the top teeth!!! Do you see them there (I know they look so small), these ones seem to be growing in so much slower than the others. I think that her bottom lateral incisor is now bigger than these two and these ones cut through the gum (just a bit) 2 weeks before the other bottom one. I've been calling her Snaggle Tooth since these ones started coming in,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

More New Shoes
I am not sure if you remember my last New Shoes post from Day 26, if you recall Adeline loves new shoes...she comes by it honestly, I can also see a love of purses in her future as well (just like mom). Adeline and I met up with Grandma and Uncle Timmy today for some lunch and shopping, Uncle Timmy's Favourite!!! I am not so sure Adeline was diggin on the shopping today, she slept, Uncle Timmy babysat in the van while Grandma and Mommy did all the actual shopping. Well Adeline got some new shoes again today, but since she kept kicking off her socks today I could only put one new shoe on her...she didn't seem to mind! I think she likes them; they were helping her do some good standing today.

I Got My New Hat On
Adeline also got a new hat today and although she typically hates hats (usually the warm, winter variety) she didn't seem this one. It might just be because with this hat also comes the promise of sunnier and hopefully warmer weather.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74

IKEA Breakfast
We met Carter and his Mommy at IKEA for some delicious breakfast and shopping this morning...not that Adeline got to enjoy any of the breakfast part, she was just too busy playing with Mommy's wallet at that time to notice anything else. But as soon as all the food to be had was eaten then Adeline was ready for something. So she shared a Cheerio snack with her friend Carter and then her friend Carter shared is key toy with her. Carter was in charge of playing with the keys and Adeline the tether. They are off to an excellent start in the sharing department.

I am not sure if I have mentioned lately (scoff) that Adeline has been teething...and it feels like it has been going for more than a week now. Well, as Adeline opened her mouth today I caught a glimpse of tooth #5 (her bottom left lateral incisor)...therefore she is cutting three teeth (that I can see) at this time. No wonder I have had a grumpy baby on my hands as of lately.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73

Hangin With Uncle Timmy
Uncle Timmy came over to have some quality Adeline time while in town. And as you can see Chloe had to get in there too! Adeline had lots of fun playing with Uncle Timmy and is excited to see him again before he goes home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

I Scream, You Scream
Apparently Adeline likes ice cream (well technically frozen yogurt...but it doesn't have the same ring to it). What person in their right mind would shun this sweet, tasty, cold treat, especially if their nose it too plugged to drink from a bottle and they have been cutting some nasty teeth for well over a week now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71

Time for Tea
Adeline had her friend Charlotte over today and once they both finally woke up they enjoyed a Tea Party together. Charlotte also brought her mom so her and I also enjoyed some delicious caffeinated beverages and some great conversation. Let's hear it for last minute plans to get together on days when our husbands are busy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70

So today was Strollercise and swimming day again. We, as always, had a great time. Adeline is enjoying swimming more and more each time we go. Today for the first time we went on the big red slide at the swimming was soooooo fun! Adeline liked it, but Mommy LOVED it! And because Adeline didn't hate it, we will defiantly be doing it again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69

Does Adeline look shocked in this picture...well she was! Her Uncle Timmy came from Vancouver for a visit this week (she didn't even know until today that he was even coming). And was she ever excited to see him!!!

Special Note to Uncle Timmy:
Thank you for coming for a visit. We have missed you so much and are so happy to see you again! We love you!
Love, Kelly and Adeline

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68

Happy Baby, Really?
Adeline was a super happy baby for most of today. But the reason for my question mark at the end of the title is because she had her third round of shots today. And typically she is a little grouchy on those days...getting back at me for taking her to and making her get a needle (and sometimes multiple needles). Well today we went into the room where the shots take place, the nurse got everything ready, I held Adeline tightly, the needle went in, a second or two pass, Adeline whimpered a bit, needle came out and Adeline returned to her happy and possibly happier than usual self. Then during the 15 minutes the clinic requires you to wait around and do nothing (usually with a crying, whining, grumpy baby) Adeline proceded to coo and giggle and talk to anyone who will make eye contact with her and if no one was around she would talk to herself and play with her feet. It was a nice surprise to have such a pleasant baby after a traumatic experience.

Another fun thing that happened today: I watched Adeline play with her hands for a full 10 minutes today. She would shake them, watch them, clasp them for a little while while talking to them and then do it all over again. Then she proceded to look down at them and open and close them continually while intently eyeing them, then she would smack them on the ground a couple times and then do that all over again. She was so intense about it, it was a little scary ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67

Adeline Loves Her Cheerios
I am continually amazed at how a screaming baby can be stopped in her tracks upon looking at a crunchy snack scattered on a table top. Cheerios are my new favourite baby staple...not that they provide any nutrition to my precious little one, but they provide much sanity for her mama.
And as you can see she is even starting to pick them up all by herself and every once and a while she even gets them in her mouth! Like I said the day before yesterday, Exciting times in the Milligan household!

Chloe Loves and Adores Adeline
And as you can see Adeline loves to have Chloe lick her face,
her hair and even the inside of her mouth.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66

Adeline's Throne
Today Adeline and I were having some TUMMY TIME! I know hey, she is doing soooo good! Well, I looked over and saw Chloe's bed just sitting there waiting to have Adeline sit in it. So I put Adeline in it and then thought why have I never done this before?? She quite enjoyed it, until she tipped over and smashed her head on the wood entertainment unit...then she was sad, but Chloe being the nice doggie she is came over and gave Adeline some nice licks in the mouth and that made Adeline feel better.
*I know the picture is just not that cute...but all the ones where Adeline is smiling or laughing are all fuzzy because I could not stop laughing, and I thought it was fun having a dog ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65

Tummy Time
Although tummy time is not Adeline's favourite thing in the whole world, she doesn't mind it as much as she once did. She has really started to push herself up so she may survey all she owns. Not only is she now pushing herself up pretty high, but now she is also able to move herself. Today she rotated her body 90 degrees so she could see what Daddy was doing in the kitchen and then she rotated herself back to where she started so she could see what Mommy was doing in the living room. Adeline will also push herself backwards a bit as well. Exciting times in the Milligan household!!!! By golly I think she'll crawl before she even rolles ;)

Oh ya, Adeline also added a new sound to her She is quite the little talker, just like Dad!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64

Big Girl
Today Adeline used her "Big Girl" car seat for the first time. I'm not gonna say she loved it...but what I will say is that she didn't mind it. She sat in it and amused herself by looking in her mirror and playing with her toy, but when she had had enough she was d.o.n.e done and ready to get the heck outta there. But really that is no different than any other day in her other car seat, so I'm gonna have to say our first time in the new car seat was a great success. Although when using this new car seat I will miss being able to quickly put a grumpy and very tired baby to sleep I might just keep the "little girl" one around for a while...I'm not sure I am ready to give up its convenience ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63

Mommy and Me
Adeline let Mommy do strollercise today, but as soon as it was time for the weight training she wanted to have some mommy time...therefore Mommy's weight training was lifting Adeline up and down, up and down. More on kisses from Adeline...she was holding out on mama today, but freely gave open mouthed, tongue kisses to both Carter and Jack in the pool today. I guess it's better kissing babies than mama.

Lovin My Toes
Adeline was enthralled with her toes today. It may have helped a little bit that there was a string hanging off her leg warmers that she kept trying to pull at ;)

After Strollercise today we went swimming...while watching this video imagine Adeline doing this in the pool, she is becoming quite the little swimmer.

Laughing Baby:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62

Pretty Girl
Adeline has enough hair on the top/front of her head to now hold a barrette...a small one, but one none the less. The barrette pictured above is from one of my mommy friends. She posed on Facebook earlier this year that she would handmake something for the first 5 (I think) people that commented on her post and also promised to make something for 5 other people. And for me (Adeline) she made this barrette that is part of a set and a set of butterfly ones as well, though Adeline does not have enough hair for those ones just yet.

Funny thing, I think Adeline's first word is going to be Fish. A few days back we put a new, smaller tank in our living Adeline has been getting a lot of face time with the fish and we have been doing quite a bit of talking and reading about fish. So every time we walked up to the tank I say f-f-fish, so today when we would walk up to the fish tank she would say f-f. And then I would say f-f-fish and she would say f-f. They we were in the bathroom getting ready for a bath and I wanted to test her "talking" abilities, so I said f-f-fish and what did she say do you think? f-f again!!! I was in shock and awe, she is starting to talk (in her own little way;) I love it!

Update on the pooping, after the last incident Daddy did a quick bath, therefore no poop and since then it has ceased...but Daddy is also watching like a hawk during every bath time for anything that looks like a floater.

Here is a funny video for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60

Kisses for Mommy
Adeline started kissing today...super cute. But she really only does it intermittently; at one moment she will give all the kisses you want and the next she stone walls you!