Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160

Adeline, there is only one thing you love as much as you love other babies, and that's animals! You and Chloe are best pals and you love opening your mouth to let her lick the inside of your mouth. But your relationship with Kitty is much more complicated. The two of you often watch one another. He will perch on the couch, just out of your reach, and contemplate coming to see you. When he does come and sit next to you, he is often startled off by the sound of your excitement...but not today. Today we got home from out evening walk and Daddy plopped you down on the floor beside Kitty and he stuck around for a bit. You were very careful; at first you didn't make any noise or touch him, you just slowly lifted your hand wanting to touch him, but not wanting him to scamper away. Finally you lowered your hand onto his head and gave him a nice soft pet. You like it, and he must have as well, because Kitty did not take off like he usually does. After you were able to touch him you got a little excited and started moving much faster and more abrupt and excitedly grabbed Kitty's ears (like you often do to Chloe, who is much more easy going than Kitty) and bang he was off the the bullet of a gun. Although Kitty does not give you as much attention as Chloe, your love and curiosity for him never waivers. One day, when you can finally chase after him you will finally get what you want from Kitty...but I'm pretty sure he is not going to be impressed when that day comes.

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