Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153

You are not yet able to independently stand (or even pull yourself up), but you sure enjoy doing it when holding on to Mommy or Daddy or the couch or a laundry basket or the table or the side of your crib (pictured above) or even Chloe. One of your favourite things to do lately is kiss all the bugs on your mobile. And now that you can stand and hold onto your crib with one hand you are able to grab and kiss the bugs with the other. Each and every time we go into your room you stare longingly at the mobile, hoping that you will be able to kiss the bugs again...and most times I let you, because it's just so darn cute ;)

Today you came outside with Daddy and I to play while we got some much needed yard work done. I plopped you in the middle of a blanket, next to a tree, with a bucket of toys within reach and what do you do...get onto you knees and stretch as far as you can so you can reach a pinecone. You were quite fond of how it felt as you fingered it in each hand and then in both together, but you were not a fan of how it felt in your mouth nor the way it tasted on your tongue. But Daddy and I are very proud of how you are so adventurous and willing to try new things!

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