Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 151

Oh Sweetie, I really wish I had caught one of the 500 times you pulled up to you knees with my camera today. Today was the day you started pulling yourself up to your knees and rocking back and fourth...I spent so much time just watching and holding back my laughs (as to not distract you) of pure joy because of the amazingness I was witnessing.

But I didn't, what I did get this perfectly cute pic of you shopping at Costco. Whenever we are out and about everyone can't help but to comment about how cute, or smiley, or how happy you are. Someone today even said that your happiness as a baby MUST be a testament to my temperament as a mama...I told her that is soooo not true. That it is completely the other way around. I am a happy and smiley and joyful Mama because it is so easy when I am with you. Your happiness is just so contagious and not just for me and Dada, but everyone. People who have had the pleasure of being in your presence can't help but to smile!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150

See, I brush my own teeth mama!
That is what you said to me with you smile this morning! You did brush your teeth and did a pretty good job, and you also brushed the floor, and the toilet too...but none the less, you do brush your own teeth each and every morning and every night before bed.

*you may notice that I have changed how I write this blog...This blog started as something that I was going to do for Adeline. A reason to take more pictures and to document a year of her wonderful life. I am going to start (any maybe even go back and fix past entries as well) writing this blog as a dialogue to Adeline. Something for her to read as a letter from her mom in the very distant future; a way that for her to learn about what she was like as a baby. Please continue to read these letters as a way to stay informed about what is happening with us.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148

I Can Do It!
After I fed Adeline a bottle today, she was playing in the living room with her baby. I showed her that she could feed her baby with the bottle, just like I feed her...she would have none of that, she did not want to share with the baby. So she started to feed herself. Adeline could get the bottle into her mouth, but did not understand that she needed to tip her head waaaay back to actually get some milk. I laid her back and she went at feeding herself and presto...she finished the rest of the bottle...after telling me she was all done (apparently it is quite fun to feed yourself ;) This was really cute to watch, because Adeline is usually soooo off hands when drinking her milk (well other than touching your face and holding your hand...which I love!). I so love this girl!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147

Almost Crawling
It looks like I'd been using the wrong motivation all along...apparently Adeline is into technology already. It seems that the whip has not been working...therefore I'll have to turn to the carrot. The MacBook is going to have to be making an appearance within Adeline's proximity, but out of her reach each and every day until she finally gets this whole crawling thing down.

Some other exciting news...
Adeline independently signed for more today!!! Without any visual or verbal prompting. We were both having some watermelon on the living room floor while watching Babies - a movie about 4 babies all from different parts of the world. Well, I was a little distracted by the TV when I was supposed to be feeding Adeline (something she surprisingly lets me do quite often, for being such an independent baby) and apparently Adeline wanted more watermelon and I did not get her arm and leg flailing or hip thrusting signals that she wanted more, so she touched the tips of her fingers together to indicate that she wanted more...and boy, oh boy did I ever give her more!!! We have been working on the sign for more for about a week, but usually I have to either move her hands, show her with my hands or ask her more, Adeline do you want more? But not this time!!! YAY it's so nice to know this whole sign language thing is clicking.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146

Adeline has been involved with this program as the teacher at Windsor Park School for several months now. Our time participating in this unique program is coming to an end, so today we attended the Roots of Empathy Year End Celebration!
This was the very first time I saw Adeline a little overwhelmed by other kids. There were babies everywhere and many of them were sobbing because they wanted to be close to their mamas...but not Adeline. She was a little more leery than usual, but she was a champ, clapping along with the song and giving me a HUGE smile when she finally found me among the sea of other parents trying to get the attention of their little ones.
It was neat to see all the other parents and babies who have been involved with Roots of Empathy in and around Edmonton this past year...Adeline even got her own T-shirt...It says Roots of Empathy TEACHER - just like her mama and dada!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145

Adeline Loves to Read
She especially loves reading books with babies in them. She is able to flip the pages all by herself and everything...not that she gets to see all the pages, but she always makes sure she sees her favourites ;) As she reads she also will tell the story, using inflection her her voice and everything! I love to just sit and enjoy the amazingness of my daughter. Today I caught her reading 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes By Mem Fox. This is one of her (and my) favourite books right now. As you can see she especially loves at the end when the baby is kissing her Mama...I love that part too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144

Sleeping Baby
Adeline fell asleep in her car seat today, doesn't she just look too precious for words! The problem with this is now that she is in her big girl seat it makes it a little more difficult to keep her sleeping when we get home :( ...but today Daddy and I tag teamed her! I got the doors all unlocked and her room all ready and Daddy carried her into the house and got her in her bed and she actually stayed (mostly) asleep. Therefore she got an hour nap rather than just the 20 minutes in the car. YAY!!! When I say mostly asleep what I mean is she squawked a little when Kris put her in the bed, but then fell back into a nice little slumber.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143

Night Night Adeline
Here is Adeline all ready for bed in her PJs and robe...we don't always put the robe on her, but Daddy said she quite enjoyed it as she drank her before bed bottle this evening.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142

Like a Big Girl
After an on the go, car diaper change I let Adeline sit in the van like a big girl...I even buckled her in and everything. I think she was enjoying it...made it hard to get her sitting in her car seat when we needed to get driving again.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141

When we were in Vancouver Uncle Timmy gave Adeline this cute little outfit. She looks absolutely scrumptious in it...I am lovin her chubby, bare baby arms and legs. I rub and squeeze them all day long! Adeline enjoys having so much of he skin showing, it is just perfect for her to grab and pinch. Her new habit of pinching, herself and whoever else is near, when she is excited wreaks havoc on her (and my) skin. All day long she has strawberry coloured welts on her chest, arms and legs.
Here is Adeline practicing some of her pre-crawling skills; and as you can see this little outfit is just a cute from the back.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140

Happy Birthday Mommy

Adeline is a huge fan of being outside. She LOVES swinging on her swing, sitting in the grass and finding new things and just watching whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139

Talking to the Puppy's Eye

Talking to the Banana

Talking to Giraffe's Foot

Adeline spent quite a bit of time talking to her toys today...They were all toys that were left at home for our trip, she clearly missed them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138

All Great Things Must Come to an End
I don't really believe this...except in the case of vacation, because if it's not ending, then it's not a vacation. The time we spent in Vancouver was awesome!!!! Adeline had some great Uncle Time and Kris and I thoroughly enjoyed "living" down-town Vancouver for a week (and seeing Timmy too;). We were just steps away from the beach and a short leap from Stanley Park, it really could not have been any better. Adeline slept pretty well and was in great spirits for most of the trip (other than the ear infection induced grumpyness for a day). It's unfortunate Timmy and Taylor are moving back to Edmonton or we would make Vancouver our yearly vacation spot!

Sleeping in the Plane again (thank God)

Good to be Home
Although we had a amazing time in Vancouver it is good to be home. It's good to have a bit more space and to have our daily comforts back. Adeline (as you may notice from above) is also very happy to be home!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137

Hanging out at Uncle Timmy's

Fun in the Sun at the Beach
Today was by far the nicest day we have had thus far in Vancouver...thank goodness we're leaving tomorrow and not today! Adeline experienced sand for the first time...she was not a fan, which was ok with me...as no sand in the hands means no sand in the mouth or eyes! But she did like the water and she especially liked the seashells. The highlight of Adeline's day today (other than Auntie Taylor coming home), was meeting a friend at the beach. A little girl named Olivia was playing at the beach with her family and her and Adeline became fast friends...Adeline could not stop talking to her and she could not stop smiling and playing peek-a-book with Adeline. I think Adeline is really looking forward to seeing her friends back home.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136

Walking Through Stanley Park
Stanley Park is amazing! There are so many different trails to walk and things to see. We have visited it in some capacity almost every day since being in Vancouver...and if I lived here it would most definitely become a regular hang out for the Milligan Family. Today we walked through even more of the park than days before. As we were walking we saw some Canada Geese with their chicks (some chicks were just born - still had their yellow down feathers and others were a bit older and were getting darker in colour already), many old gnarly trees, a lake, a stream and some squirrels. It is pretty amazing to be in the middle of a big city and see all that involves (sky scrapers and many story condos) and also be in the middle of a lush oasis. In my opinion nothing could be better...even with the constant sprinkle this afternoon.

The Vancouver Aquarium
Watching the Dolphin show.
(Adeline sat quietly and watched the whole show...I think she liked the dolphins. She would see them jump up and do a trick and then look back at me, like she was wanting to say: "Hey Mom, did you see that?"

Checking out the Anemone

Checking out the Clown Fish
(Adeline kept saying sh-sh-sh...yes sweetie, these are Fish)

Sleeping Through the Shallow Seas 4D Show
(Mom got to wear these sweet glasses...although she did not get to enjoy the show sitting down)

Jelly Fish (I thought it was a cool picture and wanted to share)

Silly Uncle Timmy and Daddy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 135

The Penners
Adeline, Mommy and Daddy trekked out to Abbotsford today to see Daddy's Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, uncles and cousins today. It was fun for Adeline to meet her extended family on her Dad's side and for mom and dad to catch up with family again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 134

The Sea Bus
First thing this morning we all woke up and took the sea bus to North Shore for some McDonald's breakfast. Adeline enjoyed the ride, but was well on her way out during this picture and was fully out about 3 minutes later and slept pretty much until we got home. (I know the picture sucks...but I love that you can see the city in the background)

Olympic Village
We took the Canada Line to the Olympic Village stop so we could go to Canadian Tire to get some mouse bait and traps. Daddy took a turn babywearing and as soon as Adeline was on his chest she proceeded to spew puke all over his chest...it was nice that it was daddy for once and not mama ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133

Sweet Bug we saw by Uncle Timmy's House on our Morning Walk.

On The Bus

Beautiful Vancouver Flowers in Full Bloom.

Mommy and Adeline at the end of a long Afternoon walking Robson Street.

Hey Dad, can I have that camera?