Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152

And We Have Lift-Off
Wowzers Adeline! You have become so good at getting up onto your knees in such a short period of time. It fees like just the day before yesterday when you couldn't even get up onto your knees without pushing against something...oh wait that was just the day before yesterday. And today you were pushing up and you even walked you hands forward a bit (now your arms just need to coordinate with your legs). Everyone kept saying that you might not crawl, but I just kept telling them that you WOULD and I can see now that you will!

Also you were rolling up a storm today...really using rolling as a way to negotiate the obstacles of your toys. You were so excited when you made it all the way across the room right to your Mama, you could not stop laughing. Daddy calls you roly-poly-guacamole! Go Adeline Go! Keep up all the great work (we know you will not let us down ;)

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