Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156

Adeline, today we went to a trade fair. I had you facing me in the carrier and you spent the whole time EVERYTHING. You were just so happy to be out and about and surrounded by people. You were very intrigued by the reptile booth and especially by the snakes. When we first walked up the the booth the man working the booth had a snake around his neck and you were so enticed by it that you reached right out and grabbed it...but then you were a little taken aback by how it felt that you pretty much kept your hands to yourself the rest of the time were checking out the reptiles. That did not stop you from giving them intense stares though ;)

I feed myself, mom!
So now do you not only want to feed yourself you bottle, but you also want to be in total control of your food too. When I used to give you these pouches of food to try and feed them to yourself you would just squeeze them so hard that the food would squirt out and get all over the place, but today when we tried again you were in complete control. You would take the pouch in your hand, then put your finger in the hole where the food comes out (I think to make sure there was still food in there), then finally you would put the hole to you lips and suck out all the food you could get in one long draw. You were quite pleased with yourself after learning how to eat like a big ate the whole pouch all by yourself. - P.S. make sure you take note of you hair in the picture...we are trying out a new style!

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