Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66

Adeline's Throne
Today Adeline and I were having some TUMMY TIME! I know hey, she is doing soooo good! Well, I looked over and saw Chloe's bed just sitting there waiting to have Adeline sit in it. So I put Adeline in it and then thought why have I never done this before?? She quite enjoyed it, until she tipped over and smashed her head on the wood entertainment unit...then she was sad, but Chloe being the nice doggie she is came over and gave Adeline some nice licks in the mouth and that made Adeline feel better.
*I know the picture is just not that cute...but all the ones where Adeline is smiling or laughing are all fuzzy because I could not stop laughing, and I thought it was fun having a dog ;)

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