Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65

Tummy Time
Although tummy time is not Adeline's favourite thing in the whole world, she doesn't mind it as much as she once did. She has really started to push herself up so she may survey all she owns. Not only is she now pushing herself up pretty high, but now she is also able to move herself. Today she rotated her body 90 degrees so she could see what Daddy was doing in the kitchen and then she rotated herself back to where she started so she could see what Mommy was doing in the living room. Adeline will also push herself backwards a bit as well. Exciting times in the Milligan household!!!! By golly I think she'll crawl before she even rolles ;)

Oh ya, Adeline also added a new sound to her She is quite the little talker, just like Dad!

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