Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68

Happy Baby, Really?
Adeline was a super happy baby for most of today. But the reason for my question mark at the end of the title is because she had her third round of shots today. And typically she is a little grouchy on those days...getting back at me for taking her to and making her get a needle (and sometimes multiple needles). Well today we went into the room where the shots take place, the nurse got everything ready, I held Adeline tightly, the needle went in, a second or two pass, Adeline whimpered a bit, needle came out and Adeline returned to her happy and possibly happier than usual self. Then during the 15 minutes the clinic requires you to wait around and do nothing (usually with a crying, whining, grumpy baby) Adeline proceded to coo and giggle and talk to anyone who will make eye contact with her and if no one was around she would talk to herself and play with her feet. It was a nice surprise to have such a pleasant baby after a traumatic experience.

Another fun thing that happened today: I watched Adeline play with her hands for a full 10 minutes today. She would shake them, watch them, clasp them for a little while while talking to them and then do it all over again. Then she proceded to look down at them and open and close them continually while intently eyeing them, then she would smack them on the ground a couple times and then do that all over again. She was so intense about it, it was a little scary ;)

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