Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 76

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Adeline has this sun shaped mirror and lately it has become one of her favourite toys. She will take it in her hands look into it then move it really close to her face and talk to the baby she sees in the is tooooo cute. When she talks to the baby she has this really sweet voice (different from her every day voice) I think she really loves that baby!

Snaggle Tooth
That is what I have been calling Adeline since these top two teeth have been coming it looks like they are coming in crooked because of the shape of her gums. For a while all I could see was just the corner of her tooth and it was a super sharp point. Well I finally got a picture of the top teeth!!! Do you see them there (I know they look so small), these ones seem to be growing in so much slower than the others. I think that her bottom lateral incisor is now bigger than these two and these ones cut through the gum (just a bit) 2 weeks before the other bottom one. I've been calling her Snaggle Tooth since these ones started coming in,

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