Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80

Goodbye (for now)
Today Adeline and I joined Grandma Shelly in taking Uncle Timmy to the airport. It was fun to see him one last time before his departure of this cold, snowy town, but also sad to see him go.
I know you are all thinking it, so I'm gonna ask...Uncle Timmy, just wondering is your shirt on inside-out?

Say Cheese
When eating dinner this evening (at Wendy's) Adeline produced a HUGE snot bubble out of her nose and I really wanted to get it on camera so I pulled out the ol' digicam and tried to document the bugger. Well, when I realized it was going to show up again I said to Adeline, "Say Cheese" so she put her arms out to both sides and gave me a silly little smile.

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