Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

More New Shoes
I am not sure if you remember my last New Shoes post from Day 26, if you recall Adeline loves new shoes...she comes by it honestly, I can also see a love of purses in her future as well (just like mom). Adeline and I met up with Grandma and Uncle Timmy today for some lunch and shopping, Uncle Timmy's Favourite!!! I am not so sure Adeline was diggin on the shopping today, she slept, Uncle Timmy babysat in the van while Grandma and Mommy did all the actual shopping. Well Adeline got some new shoes again today, but since she kept kicking off her socks today I could only put one new shoe on her...she didn't seem to mind! I think she likes them; they were helping her do some good standing today.

I Got My New Hat On
Adeline also got a new hat today and although she typically hates hats (usually the warm, winter variety) she didn't seem this one. It might just be because with this hat also comes the promise of sunnier and hopefully warmer weather.

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