Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87

Big Girl
After taking this picture today, I realized that Adeline is growing up and she is becoming a big girl before our very eyes. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at this picture and no longer saw a little baby anymore, but something that looked more like a toddler. Not that she is in the toddling stage by any means yet, but today, for some reason, she just looked a little but more mature to me. Today she even sat up in the bath like a big girl for the very first time...she liked it, but what she loved is when I laid her down in the big tub (not the little baby tub that she has been waaaay too big for for weeks, but we have kept put in her to save on water) where she could kick and kick and kick until she didn't want to kick no more! Her little motor legs were just a goin. I'm sure it was nice for her to be able to move freely without being impeded by the edges of that teeny tiny little tub.

I showed Adeline the heating vent in her room today. She was quite pleased with it. we got a whole extra tummy time in today just sitting there feeling the warm air push through the vent. She would feel it with her hands and then move her face real close and feel it with her face and then her hands and then her was nice because mama also got a break from Cranky Adeline during this time as well ;)

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