Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78

Cafe O'Play
Today Adeline and I met some of the ladies and babies at Cafe O'Play. This is a local coffee shop where parents are invited to "Sit, Sip and Watch Them Play!" And this is exactly what we did. Although Adeline, Jack and Lauren are not really old enough to appreciate all that surrounded them at Cafe O'Play, Kiran, Maddie and Kyra took advantage of all they had to offer. Adeline mostly played in the highchair with Lauren and Jack, beside her. They shared toys (and Mommy's necklace) quite nicely while the mommies were able to enjoy a hot beverage and catch up as many of us had not seen each other in a while.

As well, today Adeline had her first taste of ham...Do you think she likes it?
There was also some mustard on ham (that is the mustard reaction you see at the end of the video)

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