Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90

Keeping Fit and Having Fun
Adeline and I did a great Strollercise class today. She noticed that I was having so much fun exercising that she wanted to join in and do her exercises as well. First I put her on her belly and right away she rolled onto her back (something that she has not done in quite a while). Then she was playing around on her back and started to roll onto her you can see she was pretty darn close to getting it done, but I had no toys handy and I was a little busy getting my ab workout on to give her some motivation to go the rest of the I just gave her a little shove ;) She seems to like the soft blue mats at the rec centre, because every time I pull an extra out for her she does some baby exercises...maybe I need one of those at home, and then just maybe Adeline will finally get on rolling over already.
*Sorry about the horrible pictures, all I had handy was my phone today and apparently I didn't have the steadiest hand with that today.

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