Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Babywearing - the practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a sling or other form of carrier.

At first Adeline was not a fan of being "worn." She was just not fond of being strapped to my body while being a passive bystander in life. When she was little at times I was able to wear her around the mall and such, but she never did last very long, it could very well be because I was not yet comfortable with the idea of having someone strapped to by body, jostling with my every move and squirming as I tried to stop and do some window shopping. Well...Adeline has in fact turned a new leaf and I am so happy about that because it is not fun caring around a 20lb baby in a 10lb car seat with just one arm. So whenever possible, and when I going somewhere for more than 5 seconds, I pull her out of the car seat, leaving it in the car, and sling her around my body with a piece of sturdy fabric. And then voila I am hands free to do what I want and all her weight is being distributed on my back, shoulders and legs, rather than just on one arm. She even seems content to just be with me now.

I sure hope she continues to like being worn even after she begins to move about and gain more control of her own body. With my next baby I am all set to begin babywearing on day's hoping that helps them like it more ;)

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