Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62

Pretty Girl
Adeline has enough hair on the top/front of her head to now hold a barrette...a small one, but one none the less. The barrette pictured above is from one of my mommy friends. She posed on Facebook earlier this year that she would handmake something for the first 5 (I think) people that commented on her post and also promised to make something for 5 other people. And for me (Adeline) she made this barrette that is part of a set and a set of butterfly ones as well, though Adeline does not have enough hair for those ones just yet.

Funny thing, I think Adeline's first word is going to be Fish. A few days back we put a new, smaller tank in our living Adeline has been getting a lot of face time with the fish and we have been doing quite a bit of talking and reading about fish. So every time we walked up to the tank I say f-f-fish, so today when we would walk up to the fish tank she would say f-f. And then I would say f-f-fish and she would say f-f. They we were in the bathroom getting ready for a bath and I wanted to test her "talking" abilities, so I said f-f-fish and what did she say do you think? f-f again!!! I was in shock and awe, she is starting to talk (in her own little way;) I love it!

Update on the pooping, after the last incident Daddy did a quick bath, therefore no poop and since then it has ceased...but Daddy is also watching like a hawk during every bath time for anything that looks like a floater.

Here is a funny video for your viewing pleasure:

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