Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63

Mommy and Me
Adeline let Mommy do strollercise today, but as soon as it was time for the weight training she wanted to have some mommy time...therefore Mommy's weight training was lifting Adeline up and down, up and down. More on kisses from Adeline...she was holding out on mama today, but freely gave open mouthed, tongue kisses to both Carter and Jack in the pool today. I guess it's better kissing babies than mama.

Lovin My Toes
Adeline was enthralled with her toes today. It may have helped a little bit that there was a string hanging off her leg warmers that she kept trying to pull at ;)

After Strollercise today we went swimming...while watching this video imagine Adeline doing this in the pool, she is becoming quite the little swimmer.

Laughing Baby:

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