Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74

IKEA Breakfast
We met Carter and his Mommy at IKEA for some delicious breakfast and shopping this morning...not that Adeline got to enjoy any of the breakfast part, she was just too busy playing with Mommy's wallet at that time to notice anything else. But as soon as all the food to be had was eaten then Adeline was ready for something. So she shared a Cheerio snack with her friend Carter and then her friend Carter shared is key toy with her. Carter was in charge of playing with the keys and Adeline the tether. They are off to an excellent start in the sharing department.

I am not sure if I have mentioned lately (scoff) that Adeline has been teething...and it feels like it has been going for more than a week now. Well, as Adeline opened her mouth today I caught a glimpse of tooth #5 (her bottom left lateral incisor)...therefore she is cutting three teeth (that I can see) at this time. No wonder I have had a grumpy baby on my hands as of lately.

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