Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136

Walking Through Stanley Park
Stanley Park is amazing! There are so many different trails to walk and things to see. We have visited it in some capacity almost every day since being in Vancouver...and if I lived here it would most definitely become a regular hang out for the Milligan Family. Today we walked through even more of the park than days before. As we were walking we saw some Canada Geese with their chicks (some chicks were just born - still had their yellow down feathers and others were a bit older and were getting darker in colour already), many old gnarly trees, a lake, a stream and some squirrels. It is pretty amazing to be in the middle of a big city and see all that involves (sky scrapers and many story condos) and also be in the middle of a lush oasis. In my opinion nothing could be better...even with the constant sprinkle this afternoon.

The Vancouver Aquarium
Watching the Dolphin show.
(Adeline sat quietly and watched the whole show...I think she liked the dolphins. She would see them jump up and do a trick and then look back at me, like she was wanting to say: "Hey Mom, did you see that?"

Checking out the Anemone

Checking out the Clown Fish
(Adeline kept saying sh-sh-sh...yes sweetie, these are Fish)

Sleeping Through the Shallow Seas 4D Show
(Mom got to wear these sweet glasses...although she did not get to enjoy the show sitting down)

Jelly Fish (I thought it was a cool picture and wanted to share)

Silly Uncle Timmy and Daddy

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