Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137

Hanging out at Uncle Timmy's

Fun in the Sun at the Beach
Today was by far the nicest day we have had thus far in Vancouver...thank goodness we're leaving tomorrow and not today! Adeline experienced sand for the first time...she was not a fan, which was ok with me...as no sand in the hands means no sand in the mouth or eyes! But she did like the water and she especially liked the seashells. The highlight of Adeline's day today (other than Auntie Taylor coming home), was meeting a friend at the beach. A little girl named Olivia was playing at the beach with her family and her and Adeline became fast friends...Adeline could not stop talking to her and she could not stop smiling and playing peek-a-book with Adeline. I think Adeline is really looking forward to seeing her friends back home.

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