Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148

I Can Do It!
After I fed Adeline a bottle today, she was playing in the living room with her baby. I showed her that she could feed her baby with the bottle, just like I feed her...she would have none of that, she did not want to share with the baby. So she started to feed herself. Adeline could get the bottle into her mouth, but did not understand that she needed to tip her head waaaay back to actually get some milk. I laid her back and she went at feeding herself and presto...she finished the rest of the bottle...after telling me she was all done (apparently it is quite fun to feed yourself ;) This was really cute to watch, because Adeline is usually soooo off hands when drinking her milk (well other than touching your face and holding your hand...which I love!). I so love this girl!

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