Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 151

Oh Sweetie, I really wish I had caught one of the 500 times you pulled up to you knees with my camera today. Today was the day you started pulling yourself up to your knees and rocking back and fourth...I spent so much time just watching and holding back my laughs (as to not distract you) of pure joy because of the amazingness I was witnessing.

But I didn't, what I did get this perfectly cute pic of you shopping at Costco. Whenever we are out and about everyone can't help but to comment about how cute, or smiley, or how happy you are. Someone today even said that your happiness as a baby MUST be a testament to my temperament as a mama...I told her that is soooo not true. That it is completely the other way around. I am a happy and smiley and joyful Mama because it is so easy when I am with you. Your happiness is just so contagious and not just for me and Dada, but everyone. People who have had the pleasure of being in your presence can't help but to smile!

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