Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138

All Great Things Must Come to an End
I don't really believe this...except in the case of vacation, because if it's not ending, then it's not a vacation. The time we spent in Vancouver was awesome!!!! Adeline had some great Uncle Time and Kris and I thoroughly enjoyed "living" down-town Vancouver for a week (and seeing Timmy too;). We were just steps away from the beach and a short leap from Stanley Park, it really could not have been any better. Adeline slept pretty well and was in great spirits for most of the trip (other than the ear infection induced grumpyness for a day). It's unfortunate Timmy and Taylor are moving back to Edmonton or we would make Vancouver our yearly vacation spot!

Sleeping in the Plane again (thank God)

Good to be Home
Although we had a amazing time in Vancouver it is good to be home. It's good to have a bit more space and to have our daily comforts back. Adeline (as you may notice from above) is also very happy to be home!

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