Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150

See, I brush my own teeth mama!
That is what you said to me with you smile this morning! You did brush your teeth and did a pretty good job, and you also brushed the floor, and the toilet too...but none the less, you do brush your own teeth each and every morning and every night before bed.

*you may notice that I have changed how I write this blog...This blog started as something that I was going to do for Adeline. A reason to take more pictures and to document a year of her wonderful life. I am going to start (any maybe even go back and fix past entries as well) writing this blog as a dialogue to Adeline. Something for her to read as a letter from her mom in the very distant future; a way that for her to learn about what she was like as a baby. Please continue to read these letters as a way to stay informed about what is happening with us.

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