Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147

Almost Crawling
It looks like I'd been using the wrong motivation all along...apparently Adeline is into technology already. It seems that the whip has not been working...therefore I'll have to turn to the carrot. The MacBook is going to have to be making an appearance within Adeline's proximity, but out of her reach each and every day until she finally gets this whole crawling thing down.

Some other exciting news...
Adeline independently signed for more today!!! Without any visual or verbal prompting. We were both having some watermelon on the living room floor while watching Babies - a movie about 4 babies all from different parts of the world. Well, I was a little distracted by the TV when I was supposed to be feeding Adeline (something she surprisingly lets me do quite often, for being such an independent baby) and apparently Adeline wanted more watermelon and I did not get her arm and leg flailing or hip thrusting signals that she wanted more, so she touched the tips of her fingers together to indicate that she wanted more...and boy, oh boy did I ever give her more!!! We have been working on the sign for more for about a week, but usually I have to either move her hands, show her with my hands or ask her more, Adeline do you want more? But not this time!!! YAY it's so nice to know this whole sign language thing is clicking.

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