Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 123

It Won't Be Long Now
Just today Adeline got her knees up under her and has begun rocking a but...I am sure she will be crawling in the next week or week and a half! Exciting times in the Milligan house!

Helping With the Laundry
Adeline was having a lot of fun standing in front of the laundry basket and going through all the pieces of clothing.

Adeline Loves the Fish
Remember how Adeline used to say F-F-F for the word fish when looking at the fish tank...well today she looked right up at the fish tank and said ssshhh (see the video below for proof, you will have to listen carefully)...again it won't be long until she puts the f and the sh together!

Today was a BIG day
Adeline learned to bring her knees up under herself, she stood holding on to something independently, she said ssshhh (for fish) and then mimicked Daddy and said Da-da.

Adeline says Da-Da (Mimicked Daddy)

Adeline Says Fish (Sh)

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