Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124

Adeline and Mommy
This will be the last picture of Adeline and me when I am wearing glasses...I am going under the laser tomorrow and could not be more happy about the decision and excited to not have to wear or have glassess pulled off my face again.
Daddy is going to take over the blog for at least tomorrow, as I am not allowed to use a computer for at least 24 hours after my surgery. But he is funnier and a way better writer than I so this may be a welcome change for my many, many (all 3 of you) faithful readers ;)

Adeline Brushes Her Own Hair
Every time I change Adeline's diaper I give her the baby brush and immediately upon receiving it she shoves it into her mouth and proceded to brush the inside of her mouth with it. Well today rather than thrusting is directly into her mouth Adeline first turned her head and rubbed it on her head. When I first saw this I was more than a little confused; so I took the brush back, brushed her hair a bit and then gave her the brush again. Again this time she took the brush in her hand and rubbed it on her hair (or almost). I soon realized that she was also trying to brush her own hair just a little bit before again shoving the brush into her wide open mouth. I am going to have this girl changing her own diaper, feeding herself and driving a car in now time now, I can see it already ;)

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