Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125

Daddy's in Charge.

This is Adeline's daddy. Because Kelly was getting laser eye surgery, daddy was in charge all day long, what fun! This is how Adeline felt after Mommy felt good enough to come up and join us in the living room.

Funny story, every day when i get home from work, Adeline is SOOO excited to see me - she waves her arms, jumps up and down, smiles and laughs. Kelly feels sad, because baby A is never that excited to see her.
Well fast forward to today, after spending time with me all morning and afternoon while mommy napped, boy was she excited to see mom!
I think thats why people without kids need dogs, cause humans have an innate need for someone to be excited to see you.

Adeline is still working away at being a good crawler. She was a bit grumpy after dinner and upset that I had the NERVE to get her to work on her crawling when she did not feel like it.
Im sure she was thinking, DAD, this is NOT how mom does things!!

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