Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194

You had your friend Charlotte over for a visit today. She eats much, much slower than you, so while she was finishing her meal you decided to pick up her scraps from the floor and play with her feet...good thing she is easy going ;)

While I was making dinner this evening you wanted to help by take out a casserole dish for me...which wold have been really helpful had I actually been making a casserole. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow!

Other note without a when I put you down for a nap all of a sudden you were crying out pretty loud (and I knew your nap was not over, because I had just put you down 15 minutes ago)...well when I went in to your room you were STANDING!!!! You had figured out how to pull yourself up and you could not get back down. Well I guess it's time to put your crib down to the lowest setting finally.

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