Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 186

Mommy and Me
Adeline, here is a picture of you and I from today. The most exciting part of today was watching you crawl around more than just a few 'steps.' It was so nice to be able to get some work done in the kitchen and have you get to where you wanted to be without needing to be the one to move you. You are becoming quite proficient at crawling (only when you want to do it ;) and also at getting yourself up on to you knees without using your hands.

Oh ya and you started signing puppy today...but rather than patting your leg, you pat your chest or belly or even my leg. It is just tooooo cute.

Here is proof that you have finally started crawling...not that you have done it for anyone other than Mommy yet.
I just love how your tongue sticks out when you are working hard! Daddy and I are soooo proud of you, you have been working so hard to crawl and now that hard work is paying off.

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