Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 52

Adeline's Entertainment
Adeline doesn't watch TV...not that she wouldn't, just that we don't want to passively entertain our child and opening the flood gates of TV watching is a slippery slope. I know people who use it as a pass time for their child, chiming in "but they like it"...I'm sure they do, but you are the mom and you know what is best for your child...not the other way around and there are going to be many things in the futre (and I am sure even now) that you will not allow your child to do, even though they want to, because you know what is best. So we don't let Adeline watch TV just yet. This is a conscious choice The Husband and I made a while back and for now we are sticking to it. However we do let her watch the iTunes visualizer. We put on some of Adeline's favourite music and the visualizer will move with the music and Adeline is memorized. On a particularly grumpy day (one of the sick and teething days) of Adeline's the visualizer was the only thing that would calm her and thus giving tired mamma a break ;)

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