Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51

Playing in Bed
Adeline has come to love the mobile that hangs above her crib. At first she was not so sure about it...she would watch it and listen to the music and try and grab the bugs that hang from it, but it didn't quite live up to her expectations of a really great toy. That is until she could actually reach the stuffed bugs that dangled above her, enticing her to reach out and touch them. It began when she could graze them with just the tips of her fingers and then every so often she would be able to grasp one of the lower hanging characters barley clutching it, but she would quickly lose her grip. Now she can tightly grab each and every bug and pull them down to her face for some good sucking and fling them around from side to side over her head. I am both happy and sad as I sit and watch her from the chair. Happy because I love to see her so excited and pleased and it is such a blessing that she is able to play by herself. Scared because I can see that at any moment one of these days she is going to tug so hard and fast that she rips a bug right off that mobile and that is going to be the end of Adeline's fun :(

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