Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49

Tummy Time
If you have ever read this blog before or you know Adeline at all you know that Adeline HATES tummy time. She despises it. Whenever I put her on her tummy she only lasts about 30 seconds before she is fussing and wants to be flipped back onto her back. But after our tummy time experiences (yes I did use the plural) today I think her opinion of being on her tummy is changing (or at least I hope it is). We had some early morning tummy time in bed this morning and then we went to school (where Adeline teaches) she had a good (and long) tummy time there as well. She is getting so much stronger and liking it so much more now...this makes me a happy mamma. And maybe one of these days she will even roll from her back onto her tummy.

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