Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45

Kitty Love
Adeline loves Chloe a lot...but she LOVES Kitty-Witty. Kitty is the unknown. He won't often come and see Adeline, where Chloe will attack her with kisses every time she is sitting on the floor. Kitty rarely lets Adeline touch him and will scamper off as soon as he hears her cries of pain or even laughter. Each and every day Adeline adores Kitty from afar. She will watch intently he saunters back in forth enticing her. Often as he does this Adeline's arms will flap up and down with excitement as she hopes one day Kitty will come over so she can touch him, if only for a moment. It seems that just lately Kitty has been opening up to Adeline. He has started coming a little closer when she is sitting on the floor or he will come and rub up against my leg as I am holding her and even today as he lay in the sun Kitty let Adeline touch him just a little (and I didn't even have to hold him down). Thankfully Adeline is a very gentle baby, and she did not pull his hair too much and is learning how to pet rather than pull. I see a life-long relationship beginning to bud between the two of them!

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