Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46

Sick Baby
We have a sick and teething baby on our hands today. I know, I know she doesn't look that sick in the pictures, but really she is. She was so sick today. we both stayed in our PJs all day long! She has this croupy cough which sounds a little productive, but of course Adeline cannot yet clear any accumulating phlegm out. Adeline was an unusually needy baby today; she wanted to be held and walking around with me (or Daddy when he got home) for most of the day...I mentioned to a friend on Facebook who kindly asked me if I needed anything that all I need today is a nice long back massage (to ease the pain of holding A all day long). Included in this time she needed constant snuggling was nap time...she napped all of 20 minutes alone today, other than that she needed to be held and rocking just to get the rest she needed. But in good news, she ate solid food like a champ tonight (3oz of Carrots for dinner), but the bad of that is she refused to drink her milk at times today and is a little dehydrated because of this. All these trials today make for a very tired Mommy as well! Hopefully we have a better night tonight than we did last night.

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