Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34

Happy First Half Birthday
Today is Adeline's half birthday!!! We went to Whyte ave to have a coffee and take a nice walk and because Adeline is now 6 months old she sat in her stroller like a big girl! We walked and walked and when Adeline got tired she had a little sleep (soooo cute, see picture below), which she never does when there are things to see. Today Daddy came with us for our Whyte Ave walk, which made it even more special!

Everyone always said the time would fly by and it has...I was so surprised today when I thought about the fact that it was 6 months ago today that our little bundle of fun was brought into our lives.

Dear Adeline,
It really feels like just yesterday that I went into the hospital because I had not felt you move in over 8 hours. It feels like just yesterday when the nurses told me I would not be leaving the hospital without my baby. It feels like yesterday when I was stuck for days in a windowless room waiting for you to arrive. It feels like yesterday when our doctor said, "It's a Girl!" and Daddy eagerly ran over to see if you had a chin like mine (and you did). It feels like yesterday that we held you in our arms and kissed you for the very first time. It really feels like just yesterday when you joined our family and we fell in love with you! Adeline, we are so blessed to have as part of our family, as our first born child. We are excited to see you grow and learn and to see the wonderful woman you will become!
Happy Half Birthday Adeline Everleigh!

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