Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33

Enjoy the Day
Adeline and Mommy went out for a lovely winter walk again today! The weather was MUCH warmer than it has been and we wanted to take advantage of that! We met up with Heather and Mackenzie again and walked Whyte ave...we love it there so much because the sidewalks are cleared to the pavement and the they are wide enough for two strollers side-by-side (with room for others to get by). Adeline was all bundled up with tights on and everything...we walked, we drank (Adeline some milk and Mommy a Latte) and we walked some more (and this time Adeline slept). Again good times were had by all!!!

Adeline had her first taste of this kid friendly, favourite today. It was sooooo funny to watch. She had much difficulty picking up the bite sized snack, as she has not yet developed the pincer grasp. When she did happen to get one in her grasp and take it up to her mouth she did not yet know to let go of them when they got there...again, so funny!
Another thing to take note of is the mop of hair this child is accumulating on her head!!! Wowzers! If only it would grow places other than the top, front part of her head ;)

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