Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 278

Potty Training Day 2
SHE PEED!!! ON THE POTTY!!!! It was amazing.  So today she sat on the potty a few times, but this time I took her pants and diaper off.  And this afternoon she actually peed.  I was so excited for her!!! I think I scared her, because she started to cry.  Maybe I'll curb the enthusiasm a bit next time ;)

Update on Adeline's walking...
She is doing amazingly! Today she walked all the way from the couch to the kitchen sink (about 20 feet). Adeline is so impressed with her own she kept crawling to the couch, standing up, she would then walk a bit and when she would lose balance she would laugh and crawl back to the couch to do it all over again! She was just so happy all day.  I think she LOVES being able to walk.  

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