Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 258

Big Talker 
Adeline and Mommy were having a great time playing outside this morning! She found her blow-up pool and REALLY wanted to go in I put her in the empty pool and she just loved it!!! Then I have her her pool toys and she was in heaven! Adeline pulled her Kitty out if its mini kennel and was talking and talking to her.  Then she was trying real hard to put the kitty back into the kennel...which was very difficult because it is a very tight squeeze!  

Now that it is not too hot we are spending more time outside (and because our days without snow are numbered). Adeline is an outside-body (rather than a home body ;).  She LOVESSSSS being outside!!! We had a blast swinging in the swing.  I would push her and say wheeee and she would say weeeeee (in her own Adeline way).  I'm gonna have to get Daddy to mow all the pinecones up, as all Adeline wants to do sometimes is crawl around and eat them!

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