Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 254

Well Adeline is trying real hard to stand now...I think she is getting the hand of the walking thing and is starting to enjoy it a bit more.  Today she crawled up on to the flat of coke that was sitting in the living room waiting to be taken to the basement.  She then pushed up on to her feet and started straitening out her legs...I totally thought she was going to sit back, right off the edge, but she didn't.  We also did some walking practice in the basement.  Daddy at one end and Mommy at the other (about 5 steps apart).  We would help her get started and then she would finish walking herself to the other person...It was great.  There were times when she was taking 3-4 wobbly steps on her own.  By then end she was getting much better.  

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