Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 216

Grumpy Baby
She may not look that grumpy in this picture, but Adeline was about as grumpy today as she has EVER been! The only way I could get her to stop screaming was to literally give her my ice cream cone. I got us 1 ice cream, thinking that we could just share. She would have some licks and I would have some licks and then at the end I would finish off the cone. Well, apparently Adeline had other thoughts. She was screaming and screaming (it just might be teeth) and then I gave her our cone and she stopped. I took it back to have some and the screaming continued again. So I just gave up, handed over the cone and drowned my misery with some Facebook time. She ate the whole thing...cone and all!!!!!! I was shocked!

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