Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 205

Although Adeline is a great travler, she is not great at sleeping, or just being for that matter, anywhere other than home. The first night it took her over an hour to get to sleep and was up and hour earlier than usual. The next day she had one good nap, in the morning, but did not nap at all in the afternoon, therefore we had a VERY sad baby come dinner time. Saturday night she went to sleep much quicker, it only took her about 30 minutes to get to sleep, but she woke up around 3am and could not get and stay sleeping. About an hour and a half later Dad got her to sleep by holding and rocking her and had to have her in his arms while they slept, it was precious...but so hard to appreciate at 3 in the morning. Then she again was up an hour earlier than her usual wake up time. So we decided to leave just in time for her first, rather than her second nap. She slept 3 hours on the way home and then another hour when we were at home and was out at 7pm (about 2 minutes after we put her down) this evening...I'm thinking we had a pretty sleep deprived baby. Well, that was our mini vacation in a nutshell. We did have a good time visiting Fronteer Lodge for the first time and seeing our friend Becky was awesome!

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