Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 198

Whyte Ave Art Walk
After Adeline's nap today we took her to Whyte ave to check out all the art along Edmonton's annual art walk. We only ended up going about 4 blocks before Shmadeline was rearing her ugly head and we needed to go home. If you don't know, Shmadeline is Adeline's alter ego. When Adeline is really grumpy we call her Shmadeline. Usually Shmadeline only needs some food or a nap and Adeline magically reappears, but today was a different story. We think the cause of Shmadeline's extended stay today was Adeline's numerous mosquito bites. Daddy picked up some calamine lotion and we doused Shmadeline in it all of a sudden Adeline was back with us!

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